Maud Glover Folsom Foundation

     The Maud Glover Folsom Foundation was created to provide financial aid to young men of German and Northern European descent. With the high cost of education, completing your degree can be difficult. At Maud Glover Folsom Foundation we are committed to providing scholarships to help you reach your educational dreams.
     Mr. Charles Folsom was the founder of the Maud Glover Folsom Foundation. Mr. Folsom had a successful career as a entrepreneur in New York State, where he worked for 40 years.  Being successful in his business and personal life, Charles Folsom believed that a quality education and a disciplined student ethic, was the start of a fullfilling and prosperous life.
     Charles Folsom was conservative in his views believing in hard work, honesty, personal responsibility and generosity.
     This scholarship foundation is the fruit of his successes, generosity and most of all a testament to his love for his wife.
     The Foundation had its conception on July 20, 1943 with the passing of his wife, Maud Glover Folsom. To honor his wife Mr. Folsom began to formulating plans for the Maud Glover Folsom Foundation.  In 1957 with the passing of Charles Folsom the scholarship foundation was activated. During the first year, 4 students were able to receive benefits. The foundation has grown to where each year 60 to 75 students receive scholarships.
     In the creation of the Foundation, Mr. Folsom set specific terms of qualification. One of these requirements is the gathering at the grave of Maud Glover Folsom on July 20th of each year to meet one another, to renew acquaintances and to celebrate Maud Glover Folsom’s personal character and philanthropy.
     In words, now over fifty years old Mr. Charles Folsom expressed his view of the purpose of this yearly grave side gathering.
     “My purpose in this gathering is annually to instill in the minds of those who may not have personally known her, the sterling qualities of my beloved wife, so that as they go out in the world, they may make it a better place in which to live having known of her fine qualities, and further to impress upon them that they are the recipients of her private generosity and not the beneficiaries of any public fund or trust”.
Applicants should read the Terms of Scholarship. If you meet the requirements for the Foundation, then download the application and genealogy pages. Fill them out and mail them to the Trustee and address on the contact us page.