Due to an overwhelming response to our scholarship fund, the Foundation has suspended acceptance of applications at this time. We will begin to accept applications again at a future date. Please check back on our website periodically.

Apply to the Maud Glover Folsom Foundation Inc.

The Maud Glover Folsom Foundation Inc. was created to provide financial aid to young men of German and Northern European descent. Charles Stuart Folsom created the foundation in the name of his wife, Maud Glover Folsom, as a way of honoring her memory and spirit. The Foundation had its conception on July 20, 1943 with Maud's passing and became active in 1957 with Charles's passing. This Foundation is the fruit of their combined successes, generosity, and most of all, a testament to Charles's love and respect for his wife.

Maud Glover Folsom

"My purpose in this gathering, is annually to instill in the minds of those who may not have personally known her, the sterling qualities of my beloved wife, so that as they go out in the world, they may make it a better place in which to live having known of her fine qualities, and further to impress upon them that they are the recipients of her private generosity and not the beneficiaries of any public fund or trust."

Mr. Charles Folsom, Founder

Maud Glover Folsom Foundation, Inc.
C/O Wind and Wind, Inc.
29 West 46th Street, 3rd Floor,
New York, NY 10036